Indianapolis based photographer and painter, Adam Starr, has been creating abstract works for the past several years. His photos have been shown at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis, IN and R Gallery in Boulder, CO among others. He’s proud to be a finalist in the Passepartout Photo Prize in Rome 2020. In addition, he is looking forward to showing his work at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, IL (March-May 2020) and Siilk Gallery in Athens, Greece (July 2020).

The photographs and paintings Adam creates come from a pure and vulnerable place.

He incorporates the emotions he is feeling during the time of creation and tries to provoke a feeling of serenity for the viewer, using the emotional aspect of color and setting. A theme that surrounds his art and has intrigued his imagination since he started creating was the idea of enlightenment; what that term represents, and how humanity is in a constant struggle to achieve this transcendental state. The psychedelic nature of Adam’s style moves the audience to feel its strength, providing a window into the heart of its creator.

These crafted pieces carry a moral dimension standing for simplicity and spirituality. In regards to Adam's photos, each one is similar to a painting as colors compliment the chosen manipulated subject. Formulated with a dreamy atmosphere these photos produce an awe-inspiring nostalgia for the viewer.