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Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Adam is a self taught photographer. His unique creative style is a contemporary form of abstract photography. 

Adam started producing photographs after attending an introduction to photography class at Indiana University. 

The photographs he creates comes from the unconscious.

It is created from a flow of energy that comes out and through his being. He incorporates the emotions he is feeling during the time of creation and tries to provoke a sense of wonder for the viewer. A theme that surrounds his art and has intrigued his imagination since he started creating was the idea of “enlightenment”. What that term represents and how humanity is in a constant struggle to try and achieve this transcendental state. His thoughts and feelings are exposed for the audience to interpret. He combines the emotional aspect of color with photography.

As an artist, he feels it is important to be able to accurately illustrate your emotions onto a visual surface. Just like with music it is how the audience is connected with the artist. His art incorporates symbolism to represent his emotions about the world in its current form.

These photos carry a moral dimension in that they stand for simplicity and spirituality. Each photo is similar to a painting as colors compliment the chosen manipulated subject. Crafted with a "dream-like" atmosphere these photos convey a melancholic and warm emotion for the viewer.